Swine flew?

Because once a pig has successfully flown is about the time I will subject my family to a swine flu vaccination. I’m not fundamentally opposed to vaccines – Lord knows how many people were spared polio because of Jonas Salk – I simply have a hard time trusting a government that chooses to address high-profile issues by spreading more shit than a dairy farmer. And there’s precedent for unrequited worries about the swine flu.

I ran across an archive at the L.A. Times’ site that featured an article about the swine flu ‘debacle’ of 1976 and tought it would be appropriate to post the link.

It also reminded me of a video someone sent me sometime back of former Packers Johnnie Gray (S, 1975-83) and Steve Luke (S, 1975-80) doing a PSA promoting the vaccination for the swine flu in 1976.


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