All eyes to the AFC East

All of a sudden, this is shaping up to be an oustanding season for AFC East fans.
Chad Pennington, the QB displaced by Brett Favre‘s arrival with the New York Jets, has signed a two-year contract with the Miami Dolphins. So, to recap …
g Jets coach Eric Mangini and New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick don’t like each other, Belichick feeling like Mangini betrayed him by leaving the Patriots organization, a feeling undoubtedly compounded by Mangini’s turning in Belichik for “Spygate” early last season.
g Now, Favre is the new sheriff in town and will face off against the Pats’ Tom Brady – the only player to edge Favre for league MVP honors last season – and Brady’s new favorite target, Randy Moss – who Favre desperately wanted Green Bay to pick up early in 2007.
g Pennington, who was unceremoniously – and unapologetically – dumped by the Jets once they had Favre in camp, will now QB the Dolphins, who happen to have as their new Vice President of Football Operations one Bill Parcells, who had a messy “divorce” of his own from Belichick.
g Finally, the Buffalo Bills … well, they don’t really have a stake in the Jets vs. Pats vs. Dolphins triumvirate. But they are undergoing some changes this year as they’ll be playing at least one home game in Toronto (likely in preparation for the team’s permanent departure from Buffalo upon the death of founder/owner Ralph Wilson). Yeah, once ol’ man Ralph shuffles off this mortal coil, I’m guessing the NFL will finally actualize its wet dream of NFL football in Los Angeles … a market that couldn’t support the Rams and Raiders and that couldn’t care less about getting a team of its own.

Anyway, the East Coast media – ESPN chief among them – will have a football field day this year.


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