Mac comes back with Florida win

While not official as of this moment, CNN and other sources are reporting that Rudy Giuliani is contemplating not only dropping out of the race for the presidency but throwing his support behind John McCain as well.
CNN just projected McCain as the winner of the Florida primary, edging Mitt Romney by about 4-5 percent. As Giuliani finished a weak third after staking his entire campaign on his performance there, he is effectively done and is likely to drop soon. It appears he still will participate in the Republicans’ CNN debate Wednesday at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California. I’d like to see him stick it out for one more week, though, through Super Tuesday (Feb. 5). I think he owes at least that to his supporters and volunteers.

Romney outspent McCain about 10-to-1, so I don’t understand why he hasn’t gained more traction. Someone with his business credentials should be making more gains among people who are increasingly citing the economy as their primary concern. While National Review endorsed Romney, they also wrote a piece recently drubbing him for his lack of empathy; for being a bit technocratic on the trail.
I think he’s going to rue his decision not to buy TV advertising in the Miami market. While it is the most expensive such market in the U.S., the result of Romney’s decision may be manifested in a graphic that CNN just flashed; that McCain won 50 percent of the Cuban vote, Giuliani 34 percent and Romney a paltry 10 percent.

Even though national polls show McCain as the only Republican to regularly beat Dem frontrunners Clinton and Obama, Romney has less baggage for the Dems to attack.


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