Lambeau leaps, lands on Raiders

Greatness past … and present.

Dave (FSU jacket) and Bubba (Raider gear) find themselves among friendly Packer fans just before the Cheeseheads laid the wood to their Raiders on Dec. 9.

Went to the Green Bay Packers’ trouncing of the Oakland Raiders on Sunday at Lambeau Field. Great time; 20 degrees, sunny (at the start), no wind, Lambeau Leaps at both ends of the stadium by the time it was all over, and a couple of buddies of mine who are big Raider fans.
Green Bay improved to 6-4 – including five straight – over the Raiders, who have played so poorly the last five seasons their logo has asked for a patch over its other eye too.

I decided to compile a bit of a storehouse of info on the Packers-Raiders “rivalry”. Found a great site for all types of FB stats and such in the process:

Year, Winner, Score, Site
2007, Green Bay 38-7, Green Bay
2003, Green Bay 41-7, Oakland
1999, Green Bay 28-24, Green Bay
1993, Green Bay 28-0, Green Bay
1990, Green Bay 29-16, Los Angeles
1987, Raiders 20-0, Green Bay
1984, Raiders 28-7, Los Angeles
1978, Raiders 28-3, Green Bay
1972, Raiders 20-14, Green Bay
1968, Green Bay 33-14, Super Bowl II (We in Packerland would like to thank Raider Nation for allowing the Super Bowl championship award to be named the Vince Lombardi Trophy.)


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