Bonds ball and ‘potential revenue’

So apparently Matt Murphy, the 21-year-old New Yorker who emerged from the melee with Barry Bonds’ record-setting 756th home run ball on Aug. 7, will auction it off.
No surprise, considering he figures to make half a million or so on it.
What surprises me about this – and frankly torques me more than a little bit – is his contention that the IRS had designs on taxing him for the ball’s “potential revenue.” Basically, the IRS, according to Murphy, claimed it could tax him on the income he COULD GET from selling the ball.
This is outrageous. Thanks to eBay, we ALL have “potential revenue” just cluttering up our houses.
Didn’t we fight a revolution in part due to unfair tax practices?

I have the solution for Murphy, though, should he decide to change his mind and keep it. He should tell the IRS, “OK, if you’re going to charge me for an imaginary income, I’m going to pay you imaginary taxes. … 100%, if you’d like.”
And I’d go very very public with that, too.

He plans to auction it Aug. 28 to Sept. 15 through Sotheby’s Auction House, split the money 51-49 with friend Amir Kamal, and use the money to pay his way to becoming a physical therapist.
After the scramble that netted him the ball in the first place, he may have some customers … right off the bat.


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  1. M. Bubba Blume

    Wait…he wants to use the cash to become a physical therapist? How much can it cost to become an asshole?

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