Olbermann fumbles again

I could dedicate a whole separate blog to Keith Olbermann’s hate-fueled fact-fumbling, but I’ll just touch on one here.
He did it again last night on “Countdown.” He misrepresented and omitted whatever was necessary to make President Bush look like a bungling murderer.

In a follow-up to the Crandall Canyon mine disaster, where six miners have been trapped since Aug. 6 and three would-be rescuers died this morning (Aug. 17) trying to get to them, Olbermann dedicated several minutes bashing the recess appointment of Richard Stickler to the head of the Mine Safety and Health Administration, noting that his appointment was opposed by the AFL-CIO, Democrats, and enough Republicans to force Bush to make the end-around. Olbermann pretty much left it at that and went to Arianna Huffington, and the two picked at Bush thereafter.

Mix that with the fact that Stickler was an executive with Murray Energy, which donated $10,000 to Bush-Cheney and happens to own the Crandall Canyon mine, and the whole process sounds fishy enough to make people think, “Bush really F’d up this one.”

What Olbermann DIDN’T tell us was that Stickler’s agency did its job. The MSHA investigated that very mine July 5. According to Mineweb.com:

Federal mine inspectors have issued 325 citations against the mine since January 2004, according to CNN.
In 2007, inspectors issued 32 citations against the mine, 14 of them considered significant.An examination by Mineweb of MSHA records shows that MSHA’s last regular inspection of Crandall took place on July 5. During that visit, inspectors cited Genwall Resources for violating a rule requiring at least two separate passageways be designated for escape in an emergency, reportedly the third instance in less than two years that the mine has been cited for the same problem.

The Deseret Morning News reported that the mine has been cited 176 times since early 2005. This predated Stickler’s appointment by more than a year. And DURING Stickler’s tenure – just this year, in fact – the MSHA has issued 33 citations to the mine, including three orders. This mine was clearly a problem for a long time, and Stickler – shady appointment though he may be – was doing his job as the head of the oversight body.

So again I’m forced to defend Bush in the face of overzealous, misguided attacks. My friends on the Left like to call Olbermann the Edward R. Murrow of our time … when in reality, he’s just a former sports hack with a political axe to grind.


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  1. The Asian Badger

    No…he’s just a hack. A stupid one at that.

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