Bubba’s wedding

Went to a wedding Sunday I thought would never happen Sunday. Bubba finally decided to settle down. Got himself a nice girl, too.

He was big on this being a “nontraditional” wedding, as neither of them was big on the whole “church” thing. So we held the ceremony in the Shattuck Park pavilion in Neenah. It’s a fairly new facility, and as you can see at the link, it’s a beautiful setting for some summer nuptials. The festivities were held late in the afternoon, so the worst of the sun had passed. While it was still well into the 80s, the gentle breeze and the boats rocking in their Fox River moorings just yards from us made it all OK.

The ceremony was brief and to the point, and all in front of 40-some people. And all with a heavy emphasis on the post-ceremony dinner. Just the way Bubba wanted it.

That’s not a “Bubba likes to eat” joke, either. He’s just always been at his most comfortable when a group of friends (or in this case, family) can sit around at length for dinner, drinks and a steady stream of BS’ing.

Best of all, he gave me the opportunity to be his best man, which immediately told me a whole host of other guys must’ve had plans that weekend.

Actually, it was a pretty special gesture, as Bubba and I have known each other for just over 10 years. He began harrassing me … ERRR, “making my acquaintance” when he was still advocating for students’ rights to sleep late and graduate at UW-Oshkosh while I was the editor of the Advance-Titan.

He’s held a long string of positions where his primary responsibility was to oversee the health and well-being of other people, before and since those days in the A-T’s basement office in Reeve Union. Big and blustery as he is, few have cared more about their fellow man than Bubba. It was that sense of selflessness and altruism that I tried to convey in my Best Man Speech, and I think I did all right. Made everyone laugh a few times, at Bubba’s expense, and had them groaning about what a sweet guy he was when it was all over. Mission accomplished.

So if you have a drink handy while you’re reading this, raise your glass, mug or bottle in a toast to Bubba and his new wife.



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2 responses to “Bubba’s wedding

  1. M. Bubba Blume

    Yeah….a lot of guys were tied up that weekend. Washing the car, walking the dog, talking to their wives, and other critical stuff.Pretty funny posting Jer. I laughed pretty hard. You’re right about my comfort zone. Next fall is gonna be even better…WAY more people and we get to wear the penguin suits!

  2. M. Bubba Blume

    pretty funny post Jerry. Nice work.Next fall is gonna be even better. More people and we get to wear the penguin suits.

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