Favre … Shut UP!

So Brett Favre was all pissed off because Ted Thompson didn’t pull off the trade Favre had been predicting to the media all off-season, which would’ve brought Randy Moss from the Oakland Raiders to the Green Bay Packers. Something not-so-funny happened on the way to Lambeau, and Moss will be wearing the silver-and-blue of the New England Patriots in 2007 instead.

Um, what?

Brett, didn’t you learn from the ordeal that led to the team dumping Javon Walker last year? Remember when you opened up about Walker’s impending holdout? You spouted off about something that was none of your business then (even if you were just answering a question honestly), and you sounded off about front-office dealings of which you couldn’t have known the intricate details now. Sure, Moss was once represented by your current agent, James “Bus” Cook. But you know as well as anyone that these contracts always come down to duration and dollars, and the Packers’ wishes apparently didn’t match up with Moss’. It sucks, but that’s life in the NFL.

If you want to come across as something other than a whiner, Brett, why don’t you mention that you would’ve been willing to rework your contract to go even leaner than Tom Brady did to accommodate Moss’ salary demands. Maybe that would salvage some credibility for you.

Now, having said that, I wish I knew what the hell Thompson was thinking. He must have a vision for the Packers, but it isn’t terribly clear what that is at the moment. They had a number of options available to them at No. 16 in the April draft, and they took … a defensive tackle who’s coming off an injury. Was that a panic pick reacting to the Minnesota Vikings having taken Adrian Peterson? If so, then just say so. But when Greg Olsen is on the board there – a deep-threat tight end the Packers haven’t had since Keith Jackson and Mark Chmura in the late ’90s – you’d better have a damn good reason.

In Ted we trust. … We have to. Good thing it’s Brewer season.


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